Setting Intentions

Mala Beads are spiritual and magical beaded necklaces used in meditation, intentional practices, and as a reminder to live with love, passion, and intention. 
What are you seeking? What are you manifesting? What are your dreams and goals?
Mala Beads are a beautiful, tangible reminder of our intentions and dreams. Setting intentions that align us with our dreams and goals can carve a road map to bliss, happiness, and true transformation.
Where intention goes, energy flows... 
REFLECT Explore your deepest desires. What feeds your soul and releases your ego? What do you need right now in a moment of healing and pursuing dreams? Take some quiet alone time to reflect and create an intention. 
RELEASE THE EGO Pick an intention with clarity, positivity and that’s true to you. Set your intention in a present state with infinite possibilities, do not limit yourself. If you'd like to find the adventurous side of yourself, instead of setting the intention "I will go on more adventures this summer", set the intention "I am adventurous".
SACRED SPACE Find a quiet sacred space special to your heart. It may be a mountain peak, the sea's shore, your bedroom, your backyard, or yoga space. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the Mala that you'd like to infuse with your intention. Clear your mind, and say your intention three times. 
WRITE & SHARE Write your intention in a journal, in your phone, in the sand, wherever you can! Share your intention, spread the love and watch your growth.
CONSIDER IT ALREADY SO Surrender the process to the universe. Consider your intention already so.
ADORN Wear your Mala as a reminder of the path you've set for yourself. Having a particularly hard time? Hold your Mala as a talisman for soothing fear and doubt, and increasing love. 
DROP IN Check in with your intention daily. Create a sacred space with your Mala, adorn your altar, meditate, or simply wear as reminder of your truest self. 
Beautiful examples of Intentions and Mantras
"I am love" "I am energetic" "I am compassionate" "I am enough"
"I am in love with my life" "I see the beauty in everyday" 


Meditation has been used for centuries in sacred practices to align dreams with actions and intentions. Meditation allows one to clear the mind, be in the present, and heal through mantras and intentions. Starting a meditation practice can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming, but with the aid of your new Mala, you can set your intentions and begin your practice.
MALA Pick a Mala that you are drawn to and sit down in a comfortable, cross-legged position, keeping your spine straight and high. Create a mantra aligning you with your intention and goals.
INTENTION Hold your Mala with your hands at either of the beads closest to the guru bead (the largest bead immediately above the tassel) and use your thumb and middle finger to hold the first bead. Say your mantra. Then move to the next bead and repeat. Slowly move your way around the Mala, gracing your fingers over each bead as you repeat your Mantra either in your head or out loud.
FOCUS If you feel yourself thinking about other things, take a deep breath and focus on your words, repeat your mantra.
GURU It is said that those who use Malas to meditate and make it all the way around the 108 stones, reach enlightenment. Upon reaching the guru bead take some time to reflect and give thanks to those who have shaped you into the person you now are. 
If you don’t make it around the entire Mala, that is completely normal. Meditation takes practice, time, and commitment. Start a practice that you feel comfortable participating in. Meditate daily. Enjoy yourself and watch your dreams come to fruition.