Care and Love

Your handcrafted Mala has been designed and created to meet the highest standards of quality. Whether you meditate mindfully with your mala or feel it’s positive vibes and energy by wearing it simply around your neck or wrist there are some simple ways to extend its longevity.
To extend its beauty over time, follow these tips to care for your Mala:
AVOID WATER Avoid contact with water and do not wear during vigorous activity. Please do not wear your Mala during swimming, hot yoga, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering. Water and chemical products (chlorine, detergents, oils, perfume, etc) could cause damage to the natural silk fibers.
KEEP YOUR MALA SAFE Avoid hanging your Mala as prolonged hanging can pull and break down the natural thread. Storing your Mala in the soft cloth bag provided or jewelry box will protect it from animals, children, and dust. The soft cloth bag is also the perfect way to travel with your Mala.
POLISH  Our Mala Beads are made with high-quality Sterling Silver or 14k gold fill and overtime exposure to air and moisture can tarnish. Simply use a polishing cloth to gently brighten your metals and return them to their original shine.


Tassel Care and Love

The tassel in a Mala symbolizes enlightenment and oneness with the universe. It pulls together the individual energies of the gemstones to create a cohesive and balanced whole, making each Mala unique from any other.

With lots of love and time Tassels can start to look ruffled and worn. Follow this simple process to freshen up your Malabella silk tassel.  

HEAT Take a hair straightener on its lowest setting and gently straighten your tassel with several strokes. *If you don't have a hair straightener, gently wrap your hands around your Mala's tassel for a few minutes, allowing the heat of your hands to transfer to your tassel. Once warm stroke your hands down the tassel several times, straightening the tassel. 
CUT Use sharp scissors to gently trim stray strands from the bottom. 
CLEANSE Use your favorite cleansing method to renew and recharge your Mala.
Voilà! Your tassel is looking fresh and new in no time!

How to Cleanse Mala Beads

Mala Beads can soak up negative energies and need to be cleansed to renew the positive energy! How frequently you cleanse your Mala beads is based entirely on personal preference. There are several great ways to cleanse Mala Beads. Here's a few of our favorites. 

MOONLIGHT & SUNLIGHT Bathe your Mala under the Moon's glow or in the Sun's light 

VIBRATIONS Use sound vibrations such as those produced by a Tibetan singing bowl, small cymbals known as Tibetan Tingsha or by chanting a Mantra near your Mala Beads

SAGE Burn purifying sage or palo santo near your Mala Beads

CRYSTAL SALT Place your Mala Beads in Himalayan crystal salt or by a salt lamp for a few hours


Mala Breakthroughs

So your Mala broke... congratulations! You've had a breakthrough. Malas are a beautiful tangible reminder of our intentions, mantras, and our journey so when they break it represents a "karmic progression". You don't "need" the healing gemstones anymore and the intention you set has worked it's magic! In celebration you may sprinkle the gemstones in your home, garden or a place special to your heart.

A broken mala signifies a time for reflection and transition. In a healthy practice of letting go, we urge you to consider releasing the intention associated with that Mala, and turn your thoughts to what will come next in your life. What purpose has that Mala served you? How have your goals or intentions been met? What do you seek in this next chapter of your spiritual, emotional, or physical quest? These are the questions you should consider when choosing a new path, setting new intentions, and embracing a new Mala.

If your musings and meditations lead you to the conclusion that you still haven't experienced a breakthrough, that’s OK too. Contact us to have your Mala restrung, and continue on your journey. You’ll know when the time is right for releasing and moving on.  


All Malabella Malas are guaranteed from breakage for six months from the date of purchase. If your Malabella Mala breaks within six months of purchase, send it back to us and it will be repaired and sent back to you free of charge. After six months your Malabella Mala can be repaired for a $30 handknotting and restringing fee. Please email us at hello@malabellajewels.com for all repairs.