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Rose Quartz Sphere (Dark) Rose Quartz Sphere (Dark) Quick View

Rose Quartz Sphere (Dark)

$ 44.00

Healing Rose Quartz sphere with a gorgeous rosey color.  50mm (2in) Rose QuartzWhen in need of Love, look no further than Rose Quartz. This gorge...
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Citrine Cluster (Leo) Citrine Cluster (Leo) Quick View

Citrine Cluster (Leo)

Sold Out

Beautiful sparkly yellow Citrine Cluster with incredible sparkle, energy, and color.  2 in x 2 in CitrineCitrine is a powerful stone carrying the ...
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Amazonite Palm Stone (Big) Amazonite Palm Stone (Big) Quick View

Amazonite Palm Stone (Big)

Sold Out

Mystical seafoam colored Amazonite palm stone for stress, relaxation, and serenity.  2.25 in x 1.75 in x .625 in AmazoniteAmazonite, a luscious s...
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Large Celestite Cluster (Glimmer) Large Celestite Cluster (Glimmer) Quick View

Large Celestite Cluster (Glimmer)

Sold Out

Look deep into this stunning large Celesite cluster and you'll easily see lots of sparkle and flash. This heavy celestite holds magical energy and...
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Clear Quartz Cluster (Queen) Clear Quartz Cluster (Queen) Quick View

Clear Quartz Cluster (Queen)

Sold Out

Icey Clear Quartz cluster with lots of beautiful and clear points. 2.5 in x 1.75 in x 2 in Clear QuartzClear Quartz is the most abundant and pow...
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Green & Purple Fluorite Sphere Green & Purple Fluorite Sphere Quick View

Green & Purple Fluorite Sphere

Sold Out

Beyond magical and gorgeous large deep green and purple Fluorite sphere with a gorgeous color range and powerful energy.  68mm (2.625 in) Green F...

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