For every piece sold, we will plant a tree. 

Since the beginning of Malabella, I’ve always wanted to be a one for one company and I knew I specifically wanted to plant trees and help humans grow and rise! Trees have always had such a special place in my heart and soul, inspiring me, raising me, and nourishing my body with every breath and this new journey came with divine timing. We are finally at a place where we can give back with each purchase and I have to say this is my proudest moment as a human being.

Starting today (11.20.17), every purchase of a Mala, bracelet, jewel, and kit {and anything else that may come!} we will plant a tree on a farmer’s land in rural developing countries {currently focused in Uganda} to shield, nourish, protect, and increase the farmer's profits 400%.

Our preferred charity is Trees for the Future and together we will plant trees for the future. 

BLOGGED ~ Read the blog here to see all the behind the scenes and photos of our new journey.

With so so much Light and love,
Hannah & the entire Malabella team 

Our Manifesto

Live Intentionally, Love Beautifully, & Chase Your Dreams

We believe in late night skinny dips under the moon,
green juice in the morning, and creating every damn day.
We believe in setting intentions, manifesting dreams,
and living the life you've always imagined for yourself. 


At Malabella, we strive to create touch stone
pieces for healing and love with sacred materials
and gemstones. All of our creations are original designs
that are handcrafted with care and love.   

Our Story

Malabella Jewels blossomed from a burning desire to create, spread love, and chase dreams. Founder Hannah Skedsvold came to yoga in 2013 in search of a healing mechanism for her anxiety, depression, and a feeling of being stuck. As she delved deeper into her practice, she came across these magical strings of gemstones known as Mala Beads. If there was ever a time in her life when things clicked, it was then. A young entrepreneur and new yogi, Hannah taught herself how to handcraft Mala Beads, a process that began to heal her mind, body, and soul.

Malabella started as a simple medium through which Hannah could share her craft and her passion, but it was clear from the beginning that Malabella was destined to reach further than Hannah could have ever dreamed. The small Etsy venture, which launched in Spring 2014, sold out in its first week, and has been growing rapidly ever since. Malabella now ships Mala Beads, bracelets, and stacks to yogis and gem lovers from around the world. The company continues to flourish as new designs are released, lifestyle stories and ideas are shared, and more followers join Malabella in its mission to spread light, love, and of course, beautiful gems.


About The Founder

Hannah is a people-loving, coffee-drinking, worshipper-of-Mother-Earth who lives for adventure, traveling, and eating really, really good food. She hails from Winchester, Virginia and spends pretty much every waking minute building, discussing, exploring, and delighting in Malabella. Her work is her joy, but when she isn’t growing Malabella, she’s hiking new trails, finding bodies of water to jump in, cooking good eats, and perfecting her hand stands. She lives with her golden retriever, Bella Luna, her kitty cat Shea, and her brohemian partner in crime John.