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Into the Light Yellow Gold Choker Into the Light Yellow Gold Choker Quick View

Into the Light Yellow Gold Choker

$ 99.00

Travel light, live light, spread light, be the light. The Into the Light Choker was designed as a go-to piece to bring the light. The dainty Yello...
Radiant Abundance Mala Bracelet Wrap Radiant Abundance Mala Bracelet Wrap Quick View

Radiant Abundance Mala Bracelet Wrap

$ 129.00

The Radiant Abundance wraps the spirit in warm and energizing Sunstone magic full of strength, self-confidence, and joy. A simple yet powerful pie...
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Lioness :: Leo Moon Mala Bracelet Lioness :: Leo Moon Mala Bracelet Quick View

Lioness :: Leo Moon Mala Bracelet

Sold Out

The Lioness Leo Mala Bracelet was designed under the Leo New Moon harnessing the powerful Leo energies of power, authenticity, creativity, joy, abu...
Creatrix :: Taurus Moon Mala Bracelet Creatrix :: Taurus Moon Mala Bracelet Quick View

Creatrix :: Taurus Moon Mala Bracelet

$ 64.00

The Creatrix Mala Bracelet was designed under the Taurus New Moon harnessing the powerful Taurus energies of self worth, abundance, love, trust, an...
Empress Gold Goddess Earrings Empress Gold Goddess Earrings Quick View

Empress Gold Goddess Earrings

$ 149.00

Empress Gold Goddess Queen, she reins strong and powerful! A true statement piece for a true queen of her own life. Full drips of luscious + high q...
Cleo Gold Earrings Cleo Gold Earrings Quick View

Cleo Gold Earrings

$ 89.00

The Cleo Gold Earrings are inspired by the royal Cleopatra, the charming, sensual, and powerful ruler of Egypt. A captivating beauty, Cleopatra was...
Serpent Rising Bronze Ring Serpent Rising Bronze Ring Quick View

Serpent Rising Bronze Ring

$ 34.00

Snakes are legendary symbols of transformation, rebirth, and new beginnings. Beautiful and mysterious creatures, snakes ritualistically shed their ...
ABUNDANT Morganite Intention Thread ABUNDANT Morganite Intention Thread Quick View

ABUNDANT Morganite Intention Thread

$ 32.00 $ 39.00

Power Gemstones x Intention Threads Set an Intention with your Bracelet - Adorn Daily - When it Breaks Release it to the Universe ~ ABUNDANCE ~ LOV...
Golden Links Necklace Golden Links Necklace Quick View

Golden Links Necklace

$ 159.00

Cosmic connection and a universal pulse beats through your veins as you connect to your highest self manifesting dreams and stepping into your powe...
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Cosmic Sunstone Choker/Wrap Bracelet Cosmic Sunstone Choker/Wrap Bracelet Quick View

Cosmic Sunstone Choker/Wrap Bracelet

Sold Out

The Cosmic Sunstone Choker/Wrap Bracelet is a sweet yet powerful piece full of high vibrational Sunstone energy of joy, power, energy, self-love, ...
Manifesting Magic Mala Manifesting Magic Mala Quick View

Manifesting Magic Mala

$ 329.00

You are a manifesting queen, calling in dreams, desires, and goals! Breathe new energy into your dreams with the Manifesting Magic Mala with luscio...
Glowing Goddess Mala Glowing Goddess Mala Quick View

Glowing Goddess Mala

$ 289.00

You are a glowing goddess, radiant and illuminated by dreams, intentions, and cosmic connections. You are manifesting your desires, cultivating co...
Golden Dreams Gold Necklace Golden Dreams Gold Necklace Quick View

Golden Dreams Gold Necklace

$ 108.00

Dreaming of Golden days filled with traveling, creating, connection and playing. Inspired by the Golden Sunsets in California, the Golden Dreams N...
Citrine Serenity Necklace Citrine Serenity Necklace Quick View

Citrine Serenity Necklace

$ 198.00

Dripping in Citrine magic the Citrine Serenity Necklace is full of abundance, new beginnings, and joy. A touch piece for channeling during manifest...
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Bone Chain Gold Choker Bone Chain Gold Choker Quick View

Bone Chain Gold Choker

$ 89.00

The Bone Chain Choker is a simple reminder of life, death, and rebirth. A symbol of permanence beyond death bones connect us to other realms and s...
Emerald Goddess Mala Emerald Goddess Mala Quick View

Emerald Goddess Mala

$ 579.00

Queen Emerald, the Emerald Goddess Mala is crafted for a true goddess spreading love and light, calling in abundance, and creating new beginnings....

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