• Wild Beginnings Mala
  • Wild Beginnings Mala
  • Wild Beginnings Mala
  • Wild Beginnings Mala
  • Wild Beginnings Mala

Wild Beginnings Mala

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A soaring spirit and an open heart inspired the Wild Beginnings Mala. Powerful moonstone invites the wearer to step into her power and trust her intuition as she navigates the unknowns that call to her, while grounding Sandalwood soothes her misgivings and helps maintain the balance between Moon and Mother Earth. Radiant Citrine invites joy and confidence to strike out boldly, and the Rose Gold Feather Pendant pairs beautifully with the Citrine Drop, symbolizing connection to the spirit and encouraging her to not just fly, but soar.

The Wild Beginnings Mala is one our first Breath & Mantra Malas with 108 larger mantra meditation beads and 20 smaller breath beads (smaller Moonstone beads). Repeat your mantra with every large bead and bring your focus to your breath on the smaller breath beads.

The Wild Beginnings Mala is hand-knotted with 6mm Moonstone, 8mm Faceted Citrine, and Sandalwood on natural silk cord. 108 meditation beads with 20 Moonstone breath beads. Rose Gold Vermeil feather pendant. Stunning luscious large hand wrapped Citrine drop. Rose Gold plated Moonstone drop. Rose Gold filled hand wrapped Citrine drops. Rose Gold filled accents. 


Citrine is a powerful stone carrying the power of the sun. Citrine is known to energize, stimulate creative thoughts, and warm the soul. It’s an excellent stone for absorbing and grounding negative energy. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance, attracting wealth, prosperity, and success. It raises self-esteem, removing destructive tendencies and allowing you to go with the flow and be open to new opportunities and adventures. Mentally, Citrine allows the wearer to overcome depression, fears, and phobias. Citrine energizes all areas of life and cleanses the Chakras, especially the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras. Citrine activates the Crown Chakra, opening intuition. It also assists women with overcoming menstruation and menopausal symptoms, allowing one to return to the now.

Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings” Moonstone, a shimmering gem that ranges from pure white to iridescent blue, connect the wearer to the Moon and aids in new beginnings. Moonstone increases intuition, empathy, and is thought to be linked to clairvoyance. Women benefit from its strong powers of fertility, but it’s also known to balance feminine and masculine energies or yin and yang. Moonstone is also good for protecting travelers, especially those traveling at night.

This precious wood is known for its delightful aroma and soothing properties. Sandalwood is naturally found around the world and is sacred to many religions. It’s a well-known token for encouraging mindfulness during meditation, and it’s able to clear away negativity as well as aid in restful sleep. Sandalwood is a grounding element that compliments the properties of the gemstones it’s paired with, making it an excellent companion to any crystal.


Hangs 25 inches long. 
Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. All Malas are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage thread. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew crystals. Enjoy!
Light & Love!

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