• PREORDER :: Larimar Mala
  • PREORDER :: Larimar Mala
  • PREORDER :: Larimar Mala
  • PREORDER :: Larimar Mala
  • PREORDER :: Larimar Mala

PREORDER :: Larimar Mala

$ 498.00  $ 649.00

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Please read below before ordering::

We're so excited to premiere our first ever Larimar Mala Collection and have decided to offer both the Mala Necklace and Mala Bracelet available for PREORDER to celebrate! Mala Necklaces will ship May 17-June 1st and may vary slightly in appearance as we source more supplies but as always we insure high quality and high vibration gems. Enjoy our Pre-Order EXCLUSIVE price of $498 ~ price will rise to $649 on April 25, 2019!

The Larimar Mala has been a dream in the making since the very beginning of Malabella in 2014. A favorite stone of my mother and the reason I fell in love with gemstones, Larimar is a rare and luxurious stone radiating calming yet grounding energies. Known as the dolphin stone and the stone of the sea and sky, Larimar is a magical gem you're sure to love for many years.

The Larimar Mala is hand-knotted with genuine 6.5-7mm Larimar and 6mm Moonstone on natural silk cord. 108 meditation beads. .925 Sterling Silver Moonstone bezel Pendant. Hand-wrapped Silver Larimar drop. .925 Sterling Silver OM Charm and accents. 


Dive into deep Caribbean blue sea with Larimar, the Stone of Sea and Sky. Found only on the island of the Dominican Republic, this gem embodies the ebb and flow of the waters it resembles. It exudes tranquility and helps to soothe extreme emotions, creating a “go with the flow” attitude. Its cleansing properties clear the Throat Chakra, allowing for candid communications. Unlike most blue stone, Larimar also connects the wearer to their Root chakra and grounding energies as a stone born from the Volcanoes. Larimar is associated with femininity, increases new creativity, and channels the energies of the Sea, Sky, and Earth Goddesses. Good for those who are seeking their soulmate, as well as those who wish to reconnect with their inner water deity.

Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings” Moonstone, a shimmering gem that ranges from pure white to iridescent blue, connect the wearer to the Moon and aids in new beginnings. Moonstone increases intuition, empathy, and is thought to be linked to clairvoyance. Women benefit from its strong powers of fertility, but it’s also known to balance feminine and masculine energies or yin and yang. Moonstone is also good for protecting travelers, especially those traveling at night.


Hangs 18 inches long. 
Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. All Malas are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage thread. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew crystals. Enjoy!
Light & Love!

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