• Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack {$165 Value}
  • Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack {$165 Value}
  • Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack {$165 Value}
  • Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack {$165 Value}

Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack {$165 Value}

$ 139.00

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The Mystic Tales Gold Earring Stack includes our Selene Gold Huggies, Glistening Pearl Studs, and Cleo Earrings. 

Goddess of the Moon, Selene Gold Huggies radiate delicately and lovingly with pure White CZ gems. Adorn yourself in sweet little gems representing ascension, protection, and clarity while grounding the spirit to the moon and stars. 

Wandering through the Cosmos, she brings home stories of the unknown. Cleo Gold Earrings represent astral travels, a connection to the universe, and a strong sense of inner knowing and are inspired by the royal Cleopatra, the charming, sensual, and powerful ruler of Egypt. A captivating beauty, Cleopatra was known for being a seductive woman while also leading with great intelligence and acumen.

Our Glistening Pearl Studs drip with a pearlescent Freshwater Pearl representing love, wisdom, and Cubic Zirconia's representing ascension, protection, clarity, and a strong connection to the Moon and stars.

Cleo Earrings are crafted 14k Gold Filled Ear Wire and Marquise drop with Gold Dipped Moonstone crescent moons. 

Selene Gold Huggies are crafted with 14k Gold Vermeil {Sterling Silver with thick plating of 14k Gold} + White Cubic Zirconias. 13mm outer diameter, 10mm inner diameter. 

Glistening Pearl Studs are crafted 14k Goldfilled White Cubic Zirconia studs and Freshwater Pearl Drips. 14k Goldfilled backs. 


Known as the "Gem of the Sea" Pearls represent love, loyalty, and wisdom. A strong protector, Pearl allows the spirit to soak in the inner wisdom of lessons learned through experience. Carrying an energy of the soothing water it's birthed from Pearls are soothing, calming, and therefore grounding. A strong connection to the goddess Pearls exude divine feminine energy of nourishment, flow, and love.


Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage the Gold. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew the energy. Enjoy! 
Light & Love!

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