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The Love Collection

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Blue Mystic Mala Bracelet Blue Mystic Mala Bracelet Quick View

Blue Mystic Mala Bracelet

$ 42.00

• L I M I T E D • E D I T I O N • The Blue Mystic Mala Bracelet is coveted by mermaids and mystics alike. Inspired by a deep love of the sea, love...
Enlightened Love Mala Enlightened Love Mala Quick View

Enlightened Love Mala

$ 139.00

Awaken your Third Eye and ignite love with the Enlightened Love Mala. Inspired by the rebirth of spring allow Rose Quartz to instill love, compass...
Eternal Sunrise Mala Bracelet Eternal Sunrise Mala Bracelet Quick View

Eternal Sunrise Mala Bracelet

$ 34.00

• L I M I T E D • E D I T I O N • Ignite your eternal light with the beautiful Eternal Sunrise Mala Bracelet. Inspired by the warming rays of earl...
Vibrant Earth Fairy Mala Vibrant Earth Fairy Mala Quick View

Vibrant Earth Fairy Mala

$ 129.00

You are a vibrant earth fairy spreading the love of abundance, light and love. You flourish in nature, spreading your wings chasing your dreams. T...

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