• Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet
  • Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet
  • Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet
  • Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet
  • Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet

Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet

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 You are fearless and free to dance in your dreams, drink in the nectar, and speak your truth! Luscious Amazonite infused with Blue Fluorite creates a powerhouse for empowered action, manifestation, courage, and clarity. Wear solo or stacked high!


Amazonite, a luscious shade of turquoise harnesses the powers of Truth and Courage. Worn by ancient Amazonian warriors, this stone is thought to empower the user by allowing her to speak her mind freely and without inhibition. It connects with the Throat and Heart Chakras, helping to find balance between internal and external, and it resolves barriers to communication. Amazonite aids in moderation and understanding, bringing back to center all that has gone astray. 

Blue Fluorite
Clear Blue Fluorite is the calming, focused balm for a chaotic mind. This gorgeous stone encourages mental clarity and clears away confusion, anxiety, and a cluttered mind. It’s especially useful when in need of giving form and structure to nebulous new ideas and energies that are powerful but without direction. Like all blue stones, Blue Fluorite is an excellent aid for communication – its ability to bridge communication gaps between different personalities and thinkers makes it a good companion for any work environment. This gem also forges a path for clear sighted dreaming, allowing us to explore our minds and follow our intuition without obstruction.


Fearless & Free Mala Bracelet is handcrafted with 8mm Blue Fluorite and 6mm Amazonite on strong elastic cord. Rose Gold filled accents. 

Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. All Bracelets are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage thread. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew crystals. Enjoy!
Light & Love!

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