• GLOW Mala Bracelet
  • GLOW Mala Bracelet
  • GLOW Mala Bracelet
  • GLOW Mala Bracelet

GLOW Mala Bracelet

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The GLOW Mala Bracelet is for the go getter, the activist, the one who shines bright and lights up her world. Citrine illuminates the spirit, inspiring radiant joy and the energy to ignite change. Bayong Wood grounds us to Mother Earth, allowing for spiritual growth and oneness with nature. Designed to empower the user, this Bracelet harnesses the power of positive energy and the desire to save the Earth, one glowing spark at a time. 

Malabella Jewels donates $10 from every GLOW Mala Bracelet purchase to GLOW.  

The GLOW Mala Bracelet is the love child of a heartfelt collaboration between Malabella Jewels and Go Light Our World (GLOW) for a charity campaign that benefits communities in need of light across the globe. The GLOW Bracelet is our first step towards bringing light and love to those who need it most. 

GLOW is a non-profit organization that works to bring solar light to impoverished rural communities around the world. Replacing kerosene lanterns with solar lamps reduces costs for families, improves their health and safety, and helps grow the local economy. GLOW partners with the global yoga community by providing yoga retreats and donation-based karma yoga classes.


Bayong Wood
Bayong Wood is a brown hardwood native to the Philippines, and comes from the majestic Bayong Tree. This grounding hardwood symbolizes development, evolution, adaptation, and spiritual growth. Sacred to the making of traditional malas, Bayong Wood compliments the properties of the gemstones it’s paired with. Its durable nature and warm shades of brown and red evoke the wholeness of Mother Earth, bringing us back to the ground from which we came.

Citrine is a powerful stone carrying the power of the sun. Citrine is known to energize, stimulate creative thoughts, and warm the soul. It’s an excellent stone for absorbing and grounding negative energy. Citrine is known as the stone of abundance, attracting wealth, prosperity, and success. It raises self-esteem, removing destructive tendencies and allowing you to go with the flow and be open to new opportunities and adventures. Mentally, Citrine allows the wearer to overcome depression, fears, and phobias. Citrine energizes all areas of life and cleanses the Chakras, especially the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras. Citrine activates the Crown Chakra, opening intuition. It also assists women with overcoming menstruation and menopausal symptoms, allowing one to return to the now.


GLOW Mala Bracelet is handcrafted with 8mm Bayong Wood and Citrine. Hand crafted on strong elastic cord. .925 Sterling Silver Accents.

Each piece is handmade delicately with love and care. All Bracelets are unique and special, variation in color and inclusions in the gemstones are natural. Please take off when swimming, showering, and during hot yoga as water can damage thread. Bathe in moonlight regularly to renew crystals. Enjoy! 

Light & Love!

Modeled by the gorgeous @gypseayogi on Instagram!

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